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NOTE: Our Freeman Street Grimsby shop is open now (Monday to Saturday, 9 to 4) and hand-sanitizer provided, with this covid-19 virus lockdown ended, or to enquire phone us on 07958 434656 !!

Matchbuilding is an absorbing hobby made easy with our Hobby's Matchcraft kits by the use of preformed shapes, yet allowing scope for individual skill. Suitable for all ages, though some easier than others.

st pauls cathedral Make a matchstick St Pauls Cathedral
245mm long x 153mm wide x 172mm high.

Not too hard to do, though they do take some care and some time. These matchstick model kits all include shaped card formers, matchsticks, glue and instructions.

Other matchstick kit Matchcraft Models are available as below,
say which in your order notes.

Dutch Windmill -
size 368mm high, x 140mm wide.
Big Ben - size 114mm x 89mm x 445mm high.
Tower of Pisa - size 356mm high, x 89mm diameter.
Arc de Triomphe - size 191mm high, x 191mm wide, x 64mm deep.
Tower Bridge - size 381mm long, 203mm wide; 184mm high.

Kits contains : Matchsticks, Cardboard cut-out formers, Glue and Full Instructions.

Great to do yourself, or a great present !

Customer Reviews:

"My granddad loved doing this, and has it in his bedroom !!"

"Great doing this, and lovely having it. I plan to do many more now."

matchsticks kit - Only £11.99, click to BUY now ! matchstick kit

We also have a lovely big 24" trawler matchstick kit, or a nice 24" oil rig support vessel matchstick kit, at £25 !
Or if you prefer a plastic model kit we have a very nice Grimsby-Trawler 'Ross Jackal' GY637 kit Revell 05204 £18 !

Or what about making a stunning matchstick Mary Rose galleon ship ?

Hobby's Matchcraft kit to make a superb matchcraft model of English king Henry the Eighth's 78-gun flag-ship the Mary Rose, the warship sunk in 1545 off Portsmouth and raised off the sea bottom in 1982.

mary rose - Size : 406mm long x 140mm wide x 318mm high.

Kit contains : Matchsticks, Cardboard cut-out formers, Glue, Stickers and Full Instructions.
Everything you need to make this kit.

Only £13.99, click to BUY now !!

Or what about making an impressive matchstick Gypsy Caravan (Ledge Caravan or Bow Top Caravan) ?

matchstick gypsy caravan . matchstick gypsy ledge caravan

Kit contains : Matchsticks, Cardboard cut-out formers, Glue, Stickers and Full Instructions.
Everything you need to make this kit.

Only £18.99, click to BUY now !!

PS. If you can visit our Freeman Street Grimsby shop then you should also find some other matchstick kits and supplies,
and we have some plastic model plane kits of Spitfires, Messerschmitts and others at about £9.
matchsticks kit graphic

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