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Real education advice for parents
Do trust your teacher's teaching.
Don't trust your child's learning.
Don't trust teachers saying your child is doing fine.
Do give your child a maths sheet you mark each day as your school game.

Good learning is the key to a successful life. And while some may be happy learning, it is not always an easy business now. Many parents of school aged children wrongly assume that their children will learn as well as they can at school. But if parents do nothing then many children learn little and have unsuccessful lives. Good children's learning must be motivated by a good personal bond of a parent-child and/or teacher-child learning team. Computers can help learning, but may worsen learning motivation in young children. The good teacher-child methods of books, tests and personal encouragement are still crucial for your child. A teacher with 30 children to teach will mostly use class teaching so your child may average only 5 minutes a day teacher-child 1-to-1 time (or less if you are unlucky and your child relates poorly to their teacher). The children really into learning become the adults getting the best paid nicest jobs, and we can help you easily help them. And for adults of course, a little extra learning to get that better job or promotion is always a good idea too. Today the cleverest are often fooled into thinking that learning is not cool and so avoid it, so the well motivated average learner can easily be top !

Six good reasons for learning
1. If you know more, you will make more money.
2. If you know more, you will waste less money and time.
3. If you know more, you will keep healthier mentally and physically.
4. If you know more, you will be respected and listened to more.
5. If you know more, you will make good friends easier.
6. If you know more, you will be a more knowledgable and confident person.

Recession times are here now and increase learning needs, though many have cut their education spending. That will only make things harder later on for you, so right now do try to make your savings elsewhere !

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We exclusively stock Wilmot's Wizard Math Sheets for all ages - work sheets with a separate answer sheet allowing any parent to easily be their child's second maths teacher and personal learning motivator if you have just 2 minutes and 10 pence a day - available exclusively only at Wilmot's and a MUST for all parents ! Their easy regular use really MOTIVATES children - to doing better in ALL subjects ! And more so if you are homeschooling.
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Or to go with the new film version of 'The War of the Worlds', you can here read online or download FREE the great book 'The War of the Worlds' by HG Wells, 0.61mb PDF - allow up to 3 minutes for this book to load !

Or you can here read online or download FREE the great book 'The Metamorphosis' by Kafka, 0.3mb PDF - allow up to 1 minute for it to load !

Or you can here read online or download FREE the great book 'Paradise Lost' by Milton, 0.9mb PDF - allow up to 3 minutes for this to load !

(you may need the FREE PDF reader available from www.Adobe.com.)

And you can read online or download FREE the great e-books 'Learn French', 'Learn Italian' or 'Learn Spanish' from our PC Learning section !

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School-set homework
is unhelpful for children under 10 and should only slowly build-up after that. Most parents don't understand such school homework, and don't help with it, and much of it is poorly marked or not marked by the school. (on web forums for teachers, they often say they do not have time to read and mark homework properly and so they don't. Do you get all your child's homework returned properly marked ?) Such homework is schoolwork that children should be able to do themselves, though parents can reasonably try helping if children ask. If your child's school gives too much homework, ask them to keep it down as you are doing your own daily school-type work that YOU set and mark with your children. A 5-minute maths worksheet a day is easy and works wonders. Or ask the school to give you homework with answers to set and mark for your child ?!

Life can be tough,
so many parents feel that they have done fine just surviving and bringing up children. And if they did not do well at school themselves, can see that as "proving that school does not matter". Just surviving and bringing up children is something in this world, but it is doing OK and it is not doing well. Only those who do well at learning will find it easy to do well as adults. And just a little regular family learning fun the Wilmots Wizard Math Sheets way can do it for your child. I used them regularly for 10 years with my two sons easily happily and successfully as my main educational 1-to-1 as a male single parent with a pressured full-time job and printing my own maths sheets (taking time, and printing is really needed and has costs), and did it as an easy enjoyable little family fun daily habit that worked well. Some of the children at school will be avoiding learning, maybe most of them, but if you help yours to learn then you and they will do well. This used to be less of a problem, but today needs parent action ! If you might be interested in Christian learning or homeschooling then you can know more with the help of Lifepac Curriculum.

It is of course understandable if low-income parents think "education is supposed to be free, and we cannot afford to pay anything for our children's education." But it need cost a very little, and finding that few pence will not be regretted. Unfortunately it is mostly parents earning good incomes who help most with their children's learning, as they appreciate how much education helps. Poor parents mostly do not see that and so don't help their children learn and they become anti-learning villains. But even the poorest parent can help motivate their children's learning - and easily and enjoyably ! Schools can do the teaching if children really want to learn, but are mostly awful at advising parents on exactly what they should be doing - and indeed often badly misadvise as part of protecting their jobs. Schools too often say your kids are doing fine when they are doing little or nothing.

For many kids today life is more a war zone than a learning zone, and their main concern is surviving while having some fun - with learning coming a poor third if anywhere. There are lots of official education websites offering 'help' for parents and/or children, but NOT the realistic advice that parents really need.


Good child upbringing by parents requires firstly that you be well informed about your child's behaviour, especially while they are young. You should not leave your very young children alone for long periods, unless they are sleeping safely.

For good behaviour, thanks or praise should generally be given for children of any age.
For outstanding behaviour, gold stars or toys can be good rewards for young children but older children may better appreciate some money or maybe some new clothes. Or both may like a visit to somewhere they like.
Any kind of reward works best, especially for smaller children, when offered or made very soon following the good behaviour or the outstanding behaviour.

Bad behaviour by your children should generally receive a calm but determined rebuke with an explanation of what behaviour is better and why.
For very bad behaviour this should be combined with some reasonable punishment such as reduced pocket-money.
Any kind of rebuke or punishment works best, especially for smaller children, when made very soon following the bad behaviour or the very bad behaviour.

PS. When parents have to rely on others to oversee their young child's behaviour for any substantial time, the parent-substitutes should adequately follow the above principles of good child upbringing.

(Some of the problems involved in bringing children up on Welfare are dealt with on a sister website of ours that you should find interesting - Disadvantaged School Children. And some of these child upbringing problems certainly require governments dealing with some of the issues on that site like a child benefit pay policy to help poor parents who can give their kids no motivating rewards for good behaviour and learning.)

and if you do help your child do well, then they can help you better when they have grown up and you are getting older. Otherwise they may be still expecting you to be helping them when you are 90 and on a pension !

AND if you are thinking of a private school for your child, then read this on financing private schooling !

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OR for that history homework do have a look at our Educational Forum !

AND when it comes to sitting exams, it will pay to develop good exam technique which is explained in Sitting Exams.

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