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England 2009 saw Tesco stores chief executive Sir Terry Leahy, and Asda stores chief operating officer Andy Clarke both slamming Britain's current education system. - views expressed included the claim that Britain has now spawned a generation of young people who struggle to read, write or do simple maths. And slamming current parenting, claiming that stores are now finding packs of nappies discarded in their booze aisles as parents spend their last few pounds on alcohol rather than childcare.

Britain's Health Secretary John Reid recently tried to point out the danger of the country being run by a middle-class with no understanding of the poor, which is a major problem. He was immediately vilified, but not for trying to make that point which was entirely IGNORED. He was vilified instead for including criticism of the middle-class anti-smoking lobby (who are proposing a new piece of social exclusion policy 'banning packs of 10 cigarettes so the poor who can only afford 10 can't smoke'), while his department has widely banned smoking in public places though he wanted that limited ! See www.social-exclusion-housing.com

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