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GRAB - The fast moving "snatch and build" word game

We think this is quite simply one of the very best group games around, it's non-stop go-go-go all the way through and this gem of a game has a strong appeal to all ages. (Well, mainly adults and teenagers actually but younger ones seem to get swept along quite happily, even if they miss out on some of the finer points). Here's how it works:

First clear a large area of the floor (your table won't be big enough for this game), seat everyone in a circle on the floor and put the card pack face down in the middle.

All the cards have a single letter on them. Someone shouts "Grab", everyone snatches four cards from the pile and tries to make a word from those letters. The first person to do so shouts "Grab" and everyone snatches four more cards from the pile. Each time anyone uses up all their cards, they shout "Grab" and everyone quickly takes four more cards each.

This is a game that's fast and furious and you may be getting an idea of the frenzied atmosphere that the game creates and the non-stop racing action involved! It's go-go-go from start to finish, there's no time to stop and think! Here are a few pictures to illustrate how the game itself works (and remember that all this is happening very quickly indeed!):

Each player makes their own set of words in a "crossword style" grid.

The game continues with everyone frantically racing to use up their cards until the pack of cards in the middle is used. When somebody uses up the last of their remaining cards, they shout "out" and the game ends.

The person who shouted "out" gets points for winning whilst everyone else loses a point for each card they have failed to use in a word.

Then you gather up all the cards and start again. 

It's a load of fun!

Age Guide:  Adults & children over 12 years.

Number of Players: 3 - 8

Contents:  Cards, scoring pad and full instructions.

Customer Reviews:

"New Year's Eve was well and truly Grabbed. We played Grab until 2:30a.m. and then again on New Years Day morning. The game is very compulsive, competitive, challenging and above all FUN. A thoroughly engrossing and frustrating game. Well done." Submitted by: Graham Aylward

"We enjoy Boggle and Scrabble and we think this game is GREAT" Submitted by AB

"A very easy to understand and fast moving game. You never seem to stop, and the pressure is always on." Submitted by Mark E

"Excellent! This is a new firm family favorite that's succeeded in luring my teenage kids away from the PC!" Submitted by: Rob

"This is game is very fast pace and fun. You need quick mind and quick fingers. A great game to play with friends and family alike". Submitted by M.A.

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