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Free downloads of Microsoft Office Excel Maths Worksheets, our free printable worksheets including preschool worksheets, to easily boost children's learning motivation as family fun.

If you have access to Microsoft Office Excel on a computer at home or at work, then DOWNLOAD our FREE automatic math sheet calculator-printers for different ages (each only about 140 kb, Excel95 or later). Each gives different maths work sheets every time you run them, age-graded sums or algebra, at Get free math sheets.

choices include ;
Sums0 - free math sheets to about age 4
Sums1a - free math sheets about age 4 - 9
Sums1b - free math sheets about age 8 - 12
Sums2a - free math sheets about age 10 - 13
Sums2b - free math sheets about age 10 - 13
Sums3a - free math sheets about age 12+
Sums3b - free math sheets about age 12+

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maths worksheets

For our maths sheets to work well, they need to be printed and given to your child without answers and when done be marked by you - just like a school test, though you are better making it your own 'small school test game'. Child learning is best motivated by a good 1-to-1 personal bond - as teacher-child and/or parent-child - and parents or others can do this easiest using maths sheets as their own 'school tests'. Many schools can be very poor learning motivators, and Math Sheets are the very best tool to EASILY make a good personal motivating learning team bond. Many teachers themselves use maths sheets at home with their own children !

Our Wizard Math Sheets are challenging sets of core maths worksheets to give your kids, with a separate answer sheet for the marker (you !) so you can easily be your kids second maths teacher. Each evening after tea give them 1 or 2 sheets, saying eg "lets play school, here is today's test". They do it in 5 minutes and give it to you. You mark it in 1 minute with the answer sheet, ticking for right answers with crosses for wrong answers, and say what you think. eg "you did that very well", or "you are improving", or "not bad, as some questions were harder" - as advised on the answer sheet. Do this every day as a bit of family fun to really boost your child's learning motivation. Only 5 minutes a day will boost your child's motivation and learning in math, english and everything, and is a MUST for every parent these days. Your child will do the math sheets in whatever way they have been taught, but you do NOT need to know how they are getting their answers. If they have a second go at a question they got wrong and still cannot get it right, then they could ask their teacher or you may need one of the easier maths sheets. Your 5 minutes 1-to-1 every day will do good, but 0 minutes a day or 3 hours on odd occasions that suit you is no good for children and motivation - a little regular and reliable will motivate solidly.(There are other methods, all harder or dearer for most parents.) If you are home schooling then rather more time may be needed on this, and on other teaching activity of course. Some are using our math worksheets at appropriate levels with special needs pupils, to help build confidence and help track where they are and their progress.

Kids love them ! ..... Parents love them ! ..... Schools love them ! ..... and they are a MUST for your kids !

You can download our FREE automatic math sheet calculators above, but you need you to have Microsoft Office Excel - and printing them involves time and costs. But you may well find it easier to use our printed Wilmot's Wizard Math Sheets - ON SALE EXCLUSIVELY ONLY AT WILMOT'S - NOW HALF PRICE £1 for 22 !!

You can buy in our shop or online here !

Level 1 sheet examples:- eg. 9 + 4 = ...... 14 - 5 = ...... 7 + 3 = ......
Level 2 sheet examples:- eg. 164 + 23 - 12 = ...... 17 x 10 = ......
Level 3 sheet examples:- eg. a + 12 - b = ...... b + a - 36 = ......
and others of different types and levels, with explanation where needed and always with the separate answer sheet.

Your maths rubbish ?!
You can STILL easily be your kids 'second maths teacher', for maths and maths test practice with Wilmot's Wizard Math Sheets - only from Wilmots.

AND we do other great Excel stuff such as automatic Mortgage Calculators, Buy To Let Profit Calculator, Shopkeeper POS System and Housing Software.

math worksheets

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maths worksheets

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