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BID - the trivia knowledge game of bluff and brinkmanship.

How to play: One card is read out, giving a category and a list of ten items for that category. Some of the items really fit in that category but others do not. You must decide how many true items you can correctly identify and bid on doing that. But here's the dilemma: If you bid on too many and just one of your answers is wrong, then you lose everything. If you bid on too few, then others may bid on getting more and you miss your chance to score.

It is a tough decision but you are not alone, everyone else faces exactly the same dilemma ! One of the cards is on the category Capital Cities - how many of the following are really capital cities ?

1) Kabul in Afghanistan
2) Rio de Janeiro in Brazil
3) Geneva in Switzerland
4) Islamabad in Pakistan
5) Wellington in New Zealand
6) Bonn in Germany
7) Sydney in Australia
8) Peking in China
9) Antwerp in Belgium
10) Lilongwe in Malawi

How many of the true answers can you correctly identify? How many would you bid to answer correctly? And do you think your friends and family will bid on answering more or less correctly ? (The answers are at the bottom of this page).

Bid is a good group game that you can play anytime, anywhere.

Age Guide:  Adults & children over 12 years.

Number of Players:

Contents:   Bids cards, score pads and full instructions.

In the example card above, the following are false: (2) Rio de Janeiro (3) Geneva (4) Bonn (5) Sydney and (9) Antwerp are not capital cities. Surprised ? Well that's the fun of Bid - and its educational fun !

Customer Reviews:

"My friends rarely want to play games, but once they had agreed to try Bid, I couldn't get them to stop! It had a good mix of questions we thought we knew, and ones we had to completely guess at! Definitely recommend for when you need to amuse a large mixed age group." Submitted by: Jean

"Liked the fact that the Bid categories were broad enough for adults to try and show how clever they were (or in our case, more often weren't) while allowing younger ones to take part. The categories were a good mix of knowledge, trivia and guess work. Only beware the trap of over-bidding!" Submitted by FK

"A friend introduced me to this game. It is amazing just how much I have learnt from Bid - If only school had been this much fun!" Submitted  by Paul

"An after-dinner, laughter-filled and educational version of Trivial Pursuit that will test even the most die-hard "trivia heads", we play Bid over and over again and never get tired of it. We love it and would recommend it to anyone." Submitted by: Becky

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bid trivia game

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