After Dinner Arguments game.

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After Dinner Arguments game After Dinner Arguments is a great game for adults especially !

After Dinner Arguments is the ideal dinner party game to get your friends into a heated debate ! It's a no-holds-barred game, stimulating discussion on controversial subjects like Sex, Politics, Religion, Work, People and more.

Hide all sharp and throwable objects, and get ready to Argument ! A fantastic way to lose friends, irritate your relatives and get the conversation heated up, After Dinner Arguments is the ideal dinner party game.

The discussion cards include questions like "Which group of people in society do you think are the greatest leeches and parasites on the rest of us? Why?" and "Is religion just superstitious nonsense, fulfilling a need for an imaginary friend?"

You give an opinion until the sand timer runs out. This party game is an ideal Christmas or Birthday gift and sure beats fighting with the banker in Monopoly!

There are no winners or losers in this Aftre Dinner Arguments game, the object is to start discussions around the table. Ideal for a dinner party game and a great gift ! Bring out the best and worst in players as you deal with controversial and touchy subjects, and let battle commence !

Customer Reviews:

"A very good after dinner game for adults, easy and lively."

"This is greatly enjoyed by my wife and myself !"

After Dinner Arguments game contents ;
* Question cards on 6 topics, each topic having 27 cards.
* Sand timer.
* Instructions.

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After Dinner Arguments

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After Dinner Arguments game

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