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To help first time buyers considering Shared Ownership housing, to easily cost it.

This easy Shared Ownership Cost Calculator, with a linked Mortgage Calculator, in Excel is a MUST for any first time buyer wanting to know the costs of Shared Ownership - or to sellers of Shared Ownership Housing to help them sell to clients. It costs normal repayment mortgages, and interest-only mortgages and interest for endowment mortgages, or optionally Overpayment and/or basic Offset mortgages, monthly - and these mortgage costs link to the automatic calculation of the cost of Shared Ownership for a prospective owner. And the Overpayment / basic Offset mortgage option reports the savings made, as well as how much earlier it makes the mortgage finish.

The easy Shared Ownership Cost Calculator with linked Mortgage Calculator is shown below ;

repayment mortgage calculator

And below shows its linked repayment mortgage calculator with Overpayment and/or basic Offset option ;

overpayment mortgage calculator

Both automatic linked calculators use one set of easy input prompts, and below shows one prompt ;

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Also use these easy automated Mortgage Calculators to cost different types of mortgage and their affordability.

Suitable for all Excel versions from Excel97 onwards, with standard version can be downloaded when order completed.

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