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Personal Divinity

Postby enigma » Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:13 am

As the years pass me by,
allures of society start to pale,
watching stars turn in the sky,
I fear that I may fail.

A quest started so long ago,
to gain knowledge and comprehend,
the more I learn the less I know,
my own enlightening I must defend.

Distractions tempting me from my course,
bad memories try breaking my mind,
attempts to stop me by force,
intimidated by the truths I may find.

A right to life so long as you work,
life's essentials come at a price,
and when dreary monotony comes to lurk,
they have many treats to entice.

consumers run toward the shops,
the antithesis of predator and prey,
morality enforced by the cops,
courts endorse the democratic judgement way.

Sometimes I've strayed from my path,
for fun, for love, for peace from not caring,
answers are not as simple as math,
ever changing when illusion is tearing.

Throwing thoughts like pebbles at the clouds,
watching ever expanding ripples in the sky,
whilst in the streets we see the crowds,
affronted at the truth hidden in the lie.

Suffocating in a crowded void of fear,
struggling against the current of modern times,
and from the massing crowds we hear,
screams of outrage at our passive crimes.

So I return to my undertaking,
by discovering self we find each other,
the rewards I find intoxicating,
like a warm embrace from a lover.

As the ocean of my mind and soul,
is pouring through this endless infinity,
spurred on by gales from the shore,
trying to find my personal divinity,
it will settle no more.
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