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Wilmots is designed with child and adult brain exercise and amusement especially in mind - for Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, Humberside, England and the world - mainly as the best source of educational puzzles and games, but also computer Ebooks and MS Excel softwares. You can maybe order from your PC or whatever ! With the covid-19 virus lockdown ended now, our Freeman Street Grimsby shop is open as usual for business (Monday to Saturday, 9 to 4) with hand-sanitizer provided, or to enquire phone 07958 434656.

While kids may always ask for the fun but useless toys that TV advertises, wise parents or grandparents ensure they get at least some gifts that helps their learning ! Great for birthday or other presents. If there is a developing mind to be sharpened, find the best school books of CGP revision guides and workbooks with the widest age range and exam range and widely used in UK schools and homes, on many subjects - see CGP Books. Recession times like now increase learning needs, so try saving elsewhere !

Or for family bonding, relaxation or fun we also do a good range of puzzles, model kits and games.

Generally we do not buy books (except maybe very old science books), But if you have books you would like to sell then you could try or who have some shops in Grimsby and elsewhere you can leave your books that they will buy from you.

See our Grimsby Poets Forums and Grimsby Poets Corner ! Or buy our lovely little e-book of poems by Lincoln poet Valerie Rose at £2.99, or others in our Online Store - and our Online Store also offers a free classic PDF e-book with any order - free reader at

Educational. Exam results now need to be As or Bs for the average child to be doing well, and 'average' exam results now often mean AWFUL ! We can help with the best CD-roms for revision or home schooling, or our great Wilmot's Wizard Math Sheets loved for easily building a personal parent-child learning bond that really MOTIVATES children to do well in ALL subjects - a real MUST for parents today. 11-plus packs are ideal to prepare children for Grammar or Independent school entrance exam tests. And if you have Microsoft Office Excel on your computer at home or at work, download our FREE automatic math sheet calculator-printers for different ages.

Puzzles and Games. We stock a great variety of good puzzles and model kits for child or adult - the best jigsaw puzzles including a range of Wasgijs and Impossipuzzles, and just puzzling puzzles + try our live online puzzle for you to play now. As well as an interesting range of model kits (including even atom molecular model kits), we have good board-games and other games for the family and for children or adults and also try our live online game to play now. And do visit our Freeman Street Grimsby shop, or for a somewhat limited selection see our Online Store .

If your kids got useless GCSEs, we can help them get better.......

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Visit our Freeman Street Grimsby shop Monday to Saturday 9 - 4. (Click for Map).
NOTE, our Freeman Street Grimsby shop has a good range of slightly past date school books at half price or less.

Or use our online store 24/7 - with fast delivery, so you can buy family games or puzzles online now from your PC and pay securely with a card or a Paypal account.

Our FREE classic Ebooks can be best downloaded from Ebooks. AND there our own excellent Microsoft Office Excel software now includes Free Math Sheet Software, as well as Mortgage Calculators, Buy To Let Profit Calculators, Shopkeeping POS systems, Housing Development Appraisers and Shared Ownership Cost Calculators at great prices.

A little extra learning is great for kiddies or kids, boy or girl, teenies or teenagers, preschool or student, adult or elder, party animal or loner, parents or grandparents !

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Special Needs.

Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulty are two of the more common forms of Special Educational Need diagnosis, but for parents of all such children they involve the same basic issues. Chiefly, there is likely to be difficulty with both English (or other home language) and with Maths, showing in sats tests. Difficulty with other subjects may be a bit less important, and may be due to them all needing language skills. If the school is aware of the problem and is giving additional help, then parents of special needs children should chiefly be concerned with the following ;

1. Knowing where is the child at, and what progress they are making.

2. Helping build their learning confidence and motivation.

3. Getting the child their own copies of the English and Maths books they use at school.

Parents of special needs children should do a little daily 'Lets play school' with their child, maybe 5 minutes on Maths and 5 minutes on English, to help with 1 and 2. Their school should of course be doing the main teaching. The easiest thing for the Maths is a maths worksheet a day at a suitable level, and for English something like putting two new words at a suitable level each day or two on your fridge with magnetic letters and - 'you get the cake if you make another word with letters from that word' type of little game daily. With the word DOG you can show that removing the G leaves DO, and with the word CAT show that removing the C leaves AT !! The parent can help them get there if they get stuck, and congratulate them on anything they achieve. This type of daily parent set play-test type game will help confidence and motivation. And if you can find out what English and Maths books they are on at school, getting them their own copies for home can also be helpful. And a suitable dictionary.

For some more advice on helping your younger preschool child see this Preschool Learning article.

Children themselves are generally good judges of what games and puzzles they can handle and like - and some plain fun is good for us all ! They may also enjoy a poem or song, and who knows may even become british poets or songwriters ! Some special needs pupils do go on to do degrees, and many do at least get some GCSEs. (See our Maths Sheets and Grimsby Poets Corner pages and our Grimsby Poets Forums )

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Private Tutors.

If you are looking for a private tutor then some care is certainly required to ensure that you avoid any who might have unsuitable criminal records.

Possible online options for finding a tutor include Tutors Directory or Tutor Hunt or Select My Tutor.

For enquiries, or if you have any view or suggestion about this site, please e-mail :- Wilmots
or write Vincent Wilmot, 166 Freeman Street, Grimsby, N.E.Lincs, DN327AT, UK.
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Or are you unsure about mortgages ?

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