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Song of a Young Lady to her Older Lover,
by John Wilmot Earl of Rochester

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Ancient Person Of My Heart is a song of a young lady to her older lover, written in the 17th century by John Wilmot the 2nd Earl of Rochester (1/4/1647-26/7/1680). His military father Henry died aged 45 when John was aged 10 and John, before he died aged 33 from an extreme lifestyle, wrote a mix of great and crude poems and songs and bits of plays.

Ancient Person Of My Heart

Ancient person, for whom I
All the flattering youths defy,
Long be it ere thou grow old,
Aching, shaking, crazy, cold,
But still continue as thou art,
Ancient person of my heart.

On thy withered lips and dry
Which like barren furrows lie,
Brooding kisses I will pour,
Shall thy youthful heat restore.
Such kind show'rs in autumn fall
And a second spring recall :
Nor from thee will ever part,
Ancient person of my heart.

Thy nobler part, which but to name
In our sex would be counted shame,
By age's frozen grasp possessed
From his ice shall be released,
And, soothed by my reviving hand,
In former warmth and vigour stand.
All a lover's wish can reach
For thy joy my love shall teach,
And for thy pleasure shall improve
All that art can add to love.
Yet still I love thee without art,
Ancient person of my heart.

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