Final Frustration

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Final Frustration

Postby Attilathehun » Wed Oct 11, 2006 6:55 am

Drowning thousands of miles under,,
Sinking in my thoughts of you,,
Opposing the fact,, what happened was fair,,
Enough to kill the strongest fighter on a battle,,
and to wreck the enormous ship we hear about in tales,,
What you and I have left behind,,
After all this time,, silence has shed tears that killed me,,
and destroyed the sails of my life,,
I am falling back to the person I didn't want myself,,
and you were the one that was there to rescue,,
Was I that far from facts,,
or was it that I always been wrong,,
We gave up a second before perfection,,
and my days now seem to be the same,,
I live for nothing more than tomorrow,,
and I wish tomorrow never comes,,
What darkness would take man to suicide,,
and what silence that tortures your ears,,
What will one day break the stillness of my being,,
and resurrect my soul,,
The roses above my head while I am lying in peace beneath dirt,,
and people say the things I never thought of,,
As the light fades slowly,,
and silence takes over again,, but this time it won't go away,,
No more striving beats of my heart..

By: Hazim Ziyadah..
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Postby Adam » Tue Oct 17, 2006 1:22 pm


Very nicely written Hazim, but you are in really deep water here it seems. We have all been there for a while no doubt sometimes, but nobody wants to linger ?

Adam, champion.
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