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Postby ROBERTDAVIDSON » Fri Aug 25, 2006 3:27 am


A prose poem by


Tonight I walk the beach to the stone jetty where my boat is moored. Moonlight caressing waves causes a quivering pulsation of light over water.

Looking out over the curve of the bay I see the moth-like figure of a girl dancing on the shore. She pirouettes, advancing retreating, as moonlit waves wash shimmering sand. A slight wind from the sea blows through her hair moulding her dress to her body. Her movements captivate.

She comes up to me and all woman she is. Her breasts rise and fall as she speaks and we soon become as one - pressed together in the dance, my love-kiss finding her mouth. The white moon at full inspires emotion and for a night she becomes my passion as smooth the bare flesh I feel her body surrender. She cries as sensuality washes over her in multiple waves. Her breath warm in my ear.

This is where I belong, spoke my heart. But many are the moods of the moon, the wind having risen with the turn of the tide. And as a moonbeam glides across a wave, she slips from me saying, I never said forever.

My heart sinks like a stone flung into a deep pool. She drifts away from me, a withered leaf on the edge of a storm. My passion shipwrecked, my voice - a drowning sailor’s call.

Copyright 2006
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Postby Colin » Thu Sep 07, 2006 9:11 am


Hi Robert, I do love your very watery 'Moon Dancer' ! Seas, rivers and all thing liquid can just wash me away, as your lovely prose poem does.

Have you read the new poem and short story posts of Amity, also very interesting and I'm very pleased to see you back posting again Amity - with 2 lovely new posts !

Colin ho
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