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The Inner Devil

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:15 am
by enigma
welcome to you new souls,
to this man made game,
we'll test your cunning and deceit,
in this game of shame.

are you good or are you evil,
decided by what you do,
pushed toward vice and temptation,
to discover if you are true.

you must be as we are,
dirty, rank and cheap,
this game you will not win,
in your head is where we creep.

you only need to fail once,
then live your life in fraud,
deny it to all you meet,
for now you hang by our cord.

your on the winning team now,
and we're on a winning streak,
so long as you deny your deeds,
your our twisted little freak.

nothing can be done now,
you cannot escape the game,
unless you confess to yourself,
you'll always live in personal shame.

we play because we enjoy it,
to bring innocence to our level,
given strength through tears and pain,
to feed the inner devil.