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Postby enigma » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:52 am

to come into a world of everything
and to want more still
to love someone for their status
and to hate another for their colour
to seek the absolute truth
and deceive yourself
is the same as seeking peace
and starting a war.

to see the beauty of nature
and think you can do better
to be so happy you could cry
and to deny the soul exists
having the chance to liberate someone
and to crush them instead
is to be a mere mortal
and believe yourself to be a god.

to be happy with what you've got
and want the new and exciting
to think of yourself as beautiful
and label another as ugly
to think of yourself as righteous
and then call a person evil
is to know that you are rich
and rob someone else without reason.

to do something with little exertion
and to seek great praise
to promise yourself to one
and to go with another
to think yourself so unique
and to be the status quo
is to think a certain way of life wrong
to find out its the state of man.
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