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tequila slapper

Postby Rybo75 » Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:53 am

Bang bang, lemon salt.
Laser show and techno beat,
Cant stand still, I popped a pill,
And im tripping on my two left feet,.

But ladies I can see you,
As you hold your empty glass,
Deep red lips, and slender hips,
In hot pants that show your ass,

Boy meets girl, girl smiles at boy, her teeth are shining white,
Throwing glances as she dances, putting up a fight
But I know, yes I know…..She’s going down tonight

Spin a line, to make you mine,
Thinking with my swollen head,
Of a way, that I may,
Somehow talk you into bed,

So baby do you want a drink,
She knows that its my round
Im, on fire, so I try her
Then watch as it goes down.

Boy meets girl, she says “outside”, and I try to stay polite,
Pulls a fag from out her bag, and asks me for a light
and I know, yes I know…..She’s going down tonight

Bang bang, lemon salt.
Last nights misty memory,
Did my duty with a beauty.
But this morning where is she

A memory of bass drums.
Echo through my head,
Think my stunner did a runner,
Left a stranger in my bed.

Boy met girl, and girl met boy, both knew love at first sight,
and I know, yes I know…..She’s going down tonight


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