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dreamweaver - the poems

PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:58 pm
by Colin

One poem you may like from a major new Ebook of Fantasy, Love, Poetry and Art called 'dreamweaver - the poems'
by Andrew Weaver and Sonja Peacock ;


No mere mortal he !
With legs, neck gripped,
his master, on huge back did sit,
harness pulled,
speedily onward, sky beckoned,
lightning flickered,
route to be taken,
through darkened, stormy weather,
by instinct reckoned.
Awesome power… Flapping, Beating,
causing,…. Draft for flight,
and long journey, into night,
with, Thoughts of two fates meeting.
Huge wings of bone and leather,
he, masters beast, loyal as ever,
Of a sudden, borne aloft !
Look up….
See underbelly, green, yellow, soft.
Huge talons, twin crystals clutched,
never before by mortals, seen nor touched.
Flaring nostrils…. Fiery breath,
lighting the way, by glowing coal red eye,
that does Intelligent strength imply
course charted, From this dimension to the next !
Always there, ready, for hour of need !
Vision of majesty,
DRAGON, Dear dreamweaver's Steed !

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