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A Walk Along the Waterfront

PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, 2009 5:59 pm
by -Bandit-
Waves of diaphanous blues eddy into sanguine greens.
Peaked with diamond gilded crowns they rain down,
crashing against the levees in a flash of equus white.
Oceanic boundaries stemmed with barricades of humanity.
As wave upon wave rises slowly and falls with the fervour of lustful lungs,
we stand in the sea spray, hand entwined in hand, feeling the atomized saline foam.

Is it tears for this moment?

Your lily pink hand tightens around mine and I feel minute against this liquid desert.
Tacitly we embrace to the crescendos of Neptune's orchestra.
As splash cymbals ripple to the beats of our hearts,
we walk along the waterfront.
I brush away your raven black hair and kiss your soft gentle lips,
tonight our bodies of water are as powerful as the sea.

Re: A Walk Along the Waterfront

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 11:33 am
by Colin
Hi Bandit,

I really love your A Walk Along the Waterfront poem.
The sea does have many feelings for many people.


Re: A Walk Along the Waterfront

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:44 am
by allmost

Yes a nice poem for lovers of Cleethorpes or any seaside.