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Postby John A Silkstone » Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:13 pm


Gainsborough painted a lady
Van Gogh a sunflower of two
Constable painted a haywain
His sons were painters too.

Palmer etched a sheepfold
Be it open or closed
He also etched the shepherd
Having a midday doze.

Crome’s study of trees
Redgrave’s sweet summer time
Turner painted landscapes
Palmer’s Skylark’s sublime.

Collier did paintings of Sussex
Lewis a Herefordshire scene
Mallais a Kentish landscape
Abbutt’s Devon serene.

With paint and canvas pen and ink
These great artists make us think
Of summer days and lazy nights
And mother nature’s wondrous sights
Though retired, I'm still working as an editor for a poetry/short story magazine.
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