White Horses (couldn't drag me away)

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White Horses (couldn't drag me away)

Postby K » Wed Sep 20, 2006 11:50 pm

An alien indent descends.

Stretching nourished earth to its gangly conclusion:

Chalk is the bare cheek of hillsides, crumbling purity
Which needs attending and ain't that old anyway

1999 was no time for horsing around

Aardvark petulance seems displayed
Why the long face? Old jokes of course

Lost on Leucippotomists still artists they say
Concrete Philistia I say.

Chalk me down for lost upon the pavements
I once trod

Antiquarians chalk me down.
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Postby Colin » Mon Oct 16, 2006 11:07 am


Hi K. I do like your White Horses - though your 'Leucippotomists' lost me, can't find it in my dictionary but did find this on the internet ;

"The Alton Barnes white horse, although sired by the Cherhill horse, lacks its parent’s equine grace. It was commissioned by Pile in about 1812, but John Thorne, his would-be leucippotomist (as cutters of white horses have grandiloquently been dubbed) proved dishonest, and absconded with the £20 fee before the work was completed. He was subsequently caught and hanged."

Colin ho
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