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Good bye all from Silky

PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:23 pm
by John A Silkstone

It's been nice knowing you. Apparently the earth is going to be sucked into a black hole (or two) when the Large Hadron Collider starts up at CERN in Switzerland on Wednesday.

My mum used to say, "make sure you're wearing clean underwear in case you get run over by a bus," so instead of turning Tuesday's underwear inside out to wear on Wednesday (like I usually do), I'm going to wear a fresh pair in case of cosmic catastrophe. That advice always used to puzzle me. If you get run over by a bus, who cares what your underwear looks like? It probably doesn't look good even if it was clean to start with...

With any luck, it'll just suck Belgium down a plughole and then stop. Even then, nobody would notice....
Have we got any Belgians in the group? That comment could be construed as naughty. I love the Belgians, but just can't think of anything they've done.....Hang on! There was 'The singing Nun'.

Now if a nation wants a claim to fame, that's it. Other than that, I've been wondering if I'll go to Heaven or Hell. This is a tricky one. Firstly, seeing as I don't believe in Heaven or Hell should be the end of it; but if we assume they exist, I'm pretty sure the Big Boss in the sky would be a little miffed with a few things I've done and have me down on that sinner list. Then again, he forgives everything right? So what's the problem?

So I guess its Heaven for me. What do you get there? Looking at it from the point of view of what vicars, bishops, priests etc frown upon (in public view), I think I might be a tad bored there. Perhaps they have a 'no beer' policy. Gulp! Or no gulp as the case may be. Maybe they only show 'The Sound of Music' and have 'The Singing Nun' giving seven performances a week. I bet all the action happens in Hell, so on Tuesday, I'm going to have to sin A LOT, in order to get there.

I could:

1. Not stand behind the yellow line when a train comes in
2. Drive in a bus lane for twenty yards
3. Put a plastic bottle in the non-recycle bin

That'll do it. Evil at its worst.

Once I get to Hell, it'll be interesting to meet up with infamous people, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Pol Pot, Britney Spears....

Maybe I'll see you there, maybe not. I suspect most of you here are probably going to Heaven. Or are you?

So good bye all.


Re: Good bye all from Silky

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:07 pm
by wilmots
Hi Silky,

Well I guess most of us are still here, despite the CERN machine - pictured below -


I reckon we should all be singing, and not a funeral dirge - maybe Wonderful World by Hermans Hermits,
or would you prefer Save The Last Dance For Me by The Drifters ?

hear something - [amp3clip]7f51920e-8d3c-4ef4-a017-1754cec396fc[/amp3clip]

Re: Good bye all from Silky

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:13 pm
by John A Silkstone
Just thought I’d say good bye to be on the safe side, but then again my wife says that
I’m not always right, HOWEVER, I WAS WRONG AGAIN.


Re: Good bye all from Silky

PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:55 pm
by Colin
Well they have now done lots of their experiments with the LHC at CERN, and nothing much has happened yet.
They say that it may take them a year or two to come up with explanations !